Fully Insured Foundation Design Service

We offer a complete foundation design service. We work with a couple of carefully selected foundation engineers, so your project can be designed with what is best for you in mind.

Working with a variety of engineers means we are able to offer many types of foundation designs, priding ourselves in finding the complete solution that offers risk mitigation, build-ability and economic benefits. We work closely with architects and building control, taking your project from and idea to a fully compliant design, agreed by building  control and ready to install.


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Full Design Service

We can offer many types of designs to cover all kinds of projects. With any project we can give you an idea of what the full design will be. We call this a preliminary design. This allows you to estimate costs for your project.

The full design is then written once ordered and paid for.

Our  ground works packages include the full design. So if you have ordered works from us based on the free preliminary design, the full design will have been included in your quote.

Designs Available:

Ö      Residential Extension, new builds, conversions, and basements.

Ö      Commercial Buildings

Ö      Industrial Buildings

Ö      Institutional Buildings


Ö      Bored, Driven & Helical Foundation Piles

Ö      Bored Pile Retaining Walls

Ö      Pile Caps

Ö      Capping Beams

Ö      Ground Beams

Ö      Piled Raft Foundations

Ö      Tie-Back Anchors And Soil Nails

Also covering:

Ö      Deep Excavation Support System Design

Ö      Segmental Underpinning System Design

Ö      Basement Raft Design

Ö      Basement Liner Wall Design

Ö      Basement Anti-Heave/Anti-Flotation Piles & Tie-Down Anchor Design

Ö      Basement Roof Slab Design

Ö      Basement Drainage & Water-Proofing Detailing Ground Movement Analysis For Deep Excavation And Basement Construction Schemes

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